thirteen. Uri gangaji – “All of our puppy” or “My dog”

thirteen. Uri gangaji – “All of our puppy” or “My dog”

Does this word sounds familiar? You might have heard it many times regarding Gwiyomi Song of the Southern Korean singer Hari. Perhaps you have realized from the song’s chipper tone and you can wholesome disposition, gwiyomi means a cute person – or to become more direct, an early girl whom seems adorable and you may simple.

The newest Gwiyomi Tune erupted on a widespread phenomenon around China, in which popular superstars did their unique items of your track and replicated the fresh new cute hand actions on musical films.

nine. Yeojachingu – “Girlfriend”

To refer so you can a woman as your partner, state yeojachingu . For people who break apart so it phrase for the two-fold, it is just a combination of yeoja (“woman”) and you will chingu (“friend”). Simple, best?

10. Namjachingu – “Boyfriend”

Track Joong-ki, Kang Ha-neul, Jung Hae-for the, Hyun Bin, Park Seo-joon… Sorry, is actually i nonetheless speaking of conditions? Best, okay, so! To name some one the man you’re dating, you need namjachingu . Just like the earlier analogy, which label away from endearment comprises one or two Korean terms: namja (“man”) and you may chingu (“friend”).

Now all you have to would is fall to the Kim Soo-hyun is why and you can Ji Chang-wook’s DMs. (Only kidding. Please don’t do that.)

eleven. Gonjunim – “Princess”

People historical K-crisis fans on the market? Gonjunim try an effective Korean identity from endearment it means “little princess.” Yes, it indicates referring to your girl because if she was in fact royalty; which, the fresh new honorific suffix nim is actually placed into express reverence. When utilized humorously with another person’s approval, this is a perfect cure for lose your girlfriend having admiration and you will allow her to discover who’s boss. (It’s the girl. She is the newest boss.)

But just vow us that you will never utilize this education so you can target feamales in a scary otherwise patronising means. Not one person means one to within their lives!

twelve. Wangjanim – “Prince”

Pursuing the analogy a lot more than, wangjanim (“prince”) was a phrase out-of endearment that specific girls can use so you’re able to healthy the chill, rushing, and you can gentlemanly men. Into the a very exact feel, this may sound a little aside-of-set when applied outside of the perspective out-of period K-drama such as for instance 100 Days My personal Prince, however, there you have they.

Usually, men use this Korean label out of endearment when addressing their girlfriends. It is an animal identity to-name your personal people otherwise relative. In fact, it’s quite common having mothers to make use of so it terms to refer to their college students too. Slightly lovable, isn’t really they?

fourteen. Bepeu – “Best friend”

Not totally all terms of endearment should be to own lovers otherwise intimate dating. There are many fun and you can precious Korean words that you may use to address friends, also. T their 2nd a person is maybe not a great Korean term off endearment per se, it nevertheless offers a similar sentiment and you will intention.

Bepeu are good Korean jargon term plus the shortened particular the latest Konglish (Korean-concept English) statement beseuteu peurendeu or best friend. For those who along with your bestie express a common interest to possess hallyu or Korean society, next provide bepeu a try.

fifteen. Bu bu – “Hitched couples”

Bu bu usually means “husband and wife” or “hitched couple.” Couples try not to very make use of this label of endearment to deal with per almost every other, but people will relate to other couple as such. T their Korean term was specifically useful for people in the marital matchmaking. It’s somewhat cute and you can lovely, however.

As it happens that people owe each other our very own sleepless evening and our polyglot ambitions to K-dramas. The joking away, we hope you liked this freeze course with the Korean terms of endearment. In the event the there are people information you want me to safety second within our Korean language collection , inform us.